At times, families at our school often have to remove children due to affordability constraints.

If you would like to support a local scholar and family who may be facing such a situation, by providing financial aid or support, please reach out to us at We can provide you with a list of possible candidates to support.


1 / My School Programme

A loyalty programme that gives back to schools. You can sign up at and select our school as a beneficiary. By shopping at supporting stores, and swiping your My School Card every time, our school earns benefits by earning a contribution.

2 / School Days

A loyalty programme that gives back to school. More information can be found at By shopping at stores like Dischem and filling up fuel at Shell garages near the school, you save, and a contribution is made toward the school.


At Archers College. We rely solely on fundraising and additional donations to cover all additions for our children (whether it be by adding to our campus, our classrooms or in general).

Current projects that still require completion include:

  • Development of our larger play area, creating a natural play space with various elements of natural play.
  • Purchase additional projectors for use in classrooms by educators. This will assist with conducting hands-on lessons more fully and a blended classroom environment.
  • Upgrade of our security – adding cameras to our campus to monitor all movement on our campus.


We welcome and are greatly appreciative of any donations, as these benefit all the children at Archers College.

Should you wish to make a donation from your Company and would like to be featured on a blog post, or for the advertising of your Company to be included, please complete the form below.

Once this form has been received, an invoice will be mailed to you for payment