GRADES 0000 - 00

The Pre-Preparatory curriculum is centrally based on PLAY, it is more concrete, integrated, interrelated and enriching. The Pre-Preparatory classes run according to different themes that often last for 2-3 weeks at a time.

All content and important concepts are developed around the theme as the central focus and learning are inquiry-based, incorporating the Reggio-Emilia inspired approach where learners constantly learn through exploration and discovery. 


Learning is so much more fun when it is hands on, and relatable, so wherever possible we strive to impart important life lessons through these hands on sensory experiences. This includes involving the children in the veggie garden planting on a continuous basis, as related to the theme of “Gardening” and encouraging a healthy lifestyle in a general.

Our newly-built Mud Kitchen encourages messy, free, exploratory and creative play on another level. Although we are living in the 4th Industrial Revolution, we believe firmly that our little ones need to move as much as possible, and play freely outdoors as much as possible. 


Activities such as Art, science experiments, STEAM tasks (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) and make ‘n bake form part of our weekly timetable. 

Each child is an individual and we believe each child should be taught in a way that suits his or her learning style and profile. Lessons are developed to accommodate the visual, auditory or the kinaesthetic learner, as well as a right or left brain dominant child.

Our Pre-Preparatory spaces are filled with lots of natural light and are a "breath of fresh air," providing a variety of opportunities for exploration and play within.

Outdoor play and working outdoors is an absolute focus. We have sensory corners and tables all around our campus to always ensure that children are engaged with nature wherever possible.


Grade R learners follow a similar curriculum to that of our Grade 0000 – 00 learners, whilst following the guidelines as set out in the Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). The primary focus of the Grade R year for the educator, is to ensure learners are physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally ready for formal schooling to commence in Grade 1.

The Grade R’s primarily learn through play, however, they are also already introduced to certain routines of formal schooling such as completing a small number of daily tasks in the afternoon, learning to recognize and read basic sight words and more, as we believe this makes the transition to Grade 1 a lot easier for them.


The Grade R’s benefit from being introduced to and following the Time2Read programme and this is a great foundation, as this reading programme is followed throughout Grades 1 – 3. They also have access to Reading Eggs – this app was created by expert educators with over 30 years’ experience.

The multi-award-winning early learning resource supports each child’s learning to read journey, with carefully designed games and activities that are easy to follow and highly engaging for children. Mathletics is another programme that the Grade R’s engage with, and this offers more than 1000 learning activities as part of the curriculum. 


Our play-based curriculum in the Pre-Prep de-emphasises the utilisation of technology in this phase, although our portable bank of iPads is frequently used for short interdictions to the use of certain educational apps. However, the fundamentals of coding are formally introduced with our Grade R’s, where they engage in a weekly compulsory Coding and Robotics lesson. 

Our Grade R learning space is beautifully open, with a lot of natural light and provides for wonderful play and exploration opportunities.