Apply for your child to attend Archers College

  1. Once you have filled in the electronic form, our administrative office will contact you with an information pack and you will be able to attend a tour as booked via the electronic form.


    Tour dates can be booked on a Monday – Thursday between 9 am – 12 pm (hour slots)


  2. On the tour, one of the Heads will engage with you and conduct an interview/discussion with you. This is to ensure that you fully understand what we offer as a school, and to discern that your family’s vision aligns with ours.


  3. After the tour, your child will be required to visit Archers for a day or two. Children in Grades 1 – 7 will also be asked a few important questions during their visit.


  4. Hereafter, we provide you with feedback and the enrolment process is normally finalized at this stage.

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