small square images-14A Message from the Leadership Team 

It gives us great pleasure to welcome you to our website. We hope the pages here will attract your interest and serve to give you a sense of the rich flavour of life at our school.

At Archers College, we are always striving to grow and “be better than yesterday.” At the same time we keep our original goals foremost in mind, that being, to provide quality education whilst working along with the children individually to help them reach their full potential.

Archers College is best known for the extra care and love we have for each and every child that enters our doors. We will always strive to educate our leaders of tomorrow with heart and that is why we have been deemed the school that is a “home away from home.” “Education is a journey that lasts a lifetime…” We hope to have you join us soon, as we walk this journey together in providing your child with the very BEST educational experience!

Our Dynamic Team

Archers College boasts an outstanding team of passionate, creative, loving and caring educators, administrative staff and assistants. Each member of our team brings something special and invaluable to our educational institute everyday they enter it’s doors.


“Alone we can accomplish a little, together we can do so much!”


    The Principal

    Mrs. Charene Soares –

    “Turning today’s children into tomorrow’s leaders.”

      A Message from the Principal

      It has been said that “it’s a beautiful thing when a career and a passion come together.” I absolutely love what I do! Working with children and being fortunate enough to educate their minds and guide them through everyday life is a privilege and joy. Children have an amazing way of always being happy, seeing the good in everyone, forgiving easily and showing a unique positivity and confidence towards most things in life. There are so many lessons to be learnt from children. When your child attends Archers College he or she becomes one of my own. I do everything possible to not only ensure he or she is provided with the best quality education but that he or she is HAPPY! Having become a mom myself in early 2015, I now understand more fully what a parent expects and hopes for when enrolling a child in a particular school. I continue to work harder each day to always improve and always be better than yesterday, in providing your child with the BEST!

      I look forward to welcoming your child to our school!


        The Vice-Principal


        Ms. Dhillaira Mandiringana –

        “Every child has a right to be nurtured in a caring and loving environment.”

          A Message from the Vice – Principal

          One of the key aspects that parents strive to provide for their children is finding an exceptional school. What constitutes an exceptional school? I believe that it is one that will continue to look for ways to improve, one that allows for change and one that works hand-in hand with parents for the betterment of the individual child. I have worked at Archers College for eight years and have seen all these criteria being met. Each child at our school is known on an individual basis; they are treated as an individual in and out of the classroom. We do understand that each child will learn differently and that each child’s needs will vary. The school is constantly looking for ways to improve, to make learning enjoyable and most importantly, nurture our relationship with the parents. The school has grown in unimaginable ways, starting with just basic learning and now have moved onto integrating technology more fully, introducing calm-down boxes in our classrooms (for those stressful days for your little one and to get the brain functioning at its optimal level) and we also registered with the prestigious ISASA; the list is endless. We are constantly looking for ways to professionally develop our educators, to ensure that your child gets the best of the best from our teachers. We are positive that we will continue to grow in every way.

          We do hope to have your child join our school, where your child can make memories that they will cherish forever and where we get to make you and your child part of our Archers College family.

            Mission and Vision

            Support parents in guiding their children toward the goal of becoming successful members in today’s society

            Create a peaceful environment with calm conditions in which learners are educated

            Equip children for life in general with academic skills, the ability to read and write, do arithmetic, interact with others as well as help them fortify wholesome standards of morality

            Help children to realize their goals in life

            Ensure all learners graduate with a purpose

            Ensure our teachers remain dedicated and make a greater effort to meet the educational needs of the children taking a personal interest in each student

            To offer parental support – every step of the way

            To promote good parent-teacher co-operation –  motivate parents to value education by promoting good study habits and responsibility at school and in the home

            To promote student commitment to learning – students helped to realize the benefits of self-motivation and discipline



            The idea of starting the school came about as a result of various conversations over the many years between friends who all belonged to the same faith. The pre-primary was originally started in a built-on room of the family home. As the pre-primary class began to grow and our community of parents prompted us to expand to include a primary school, plans were put in motion to do just that.

            In 2010, Archers College opened its doors to the new primary school. At this time, the owners moved out of the family home to accommodate the pre-primary and primary schools. However, initially as a result of a small number of enrolments, grades were mutli-graded, i.e. Grade 1’s – 3’s were taught together. Archers College has continued to enjoy tremendous success and growth since opening our doors. Each pre-primary class and Grades 1 – 3 are currently now single-graded, in their own classrooms, with no more than 15 learners in each class. New classrooms were built on at the end of 2013 to accommodate the continued and future growth being experienced and presently extend through to a complete Preparatory School.

            Whilst Archers College only started out with 6 learners, we are happy to have grown in numbers substantially over the years and are currently bursting at the seams. We have never had the need to advertise, but rather through “word-of-mouth” of satisfied parents, we have been able to attract new members to welcome to our “family.”

            From the beginning, the school we know today has celebrated many milestones, which amongst others are:

            The official opening of the Pre-Primary School in 2007.
            Registered with the Gauteng Department of Education.
            The official opening of the Primary School in 2010.
            The graduation of the first Grade 7 pupils in 2012.
            The establishment of the Archers College PTA in January 2013.
            Our first MAJOR school production was held, entitled “A Trip Through Disneyland” in August 2013 and our second MAJOR school production was held, entitled “Seussical” in July 2016.

            Our most recent achievement, which we are very proud of:

            Becoming a member of ISASA (The Independent Schools Association of South Africa) in July 2018.

            While we acknowledge that there are schools smaller, larger and more advanced than ours, we do believe Archers College is special and has a unique niche in providing quality education, implementing various  individualized teaching methods that cater for individualized learning styles. We are proud of the quality of our staff and the quality of education we provide for all children that enter our doors.

            We eagerly look forward to what is still in store for Archers College and your child.


            Archers College presently subscribes to the National Curriculum Statement and its associated Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement (CAPS). We strongly believe that children absorb the most knowledge in their early years and so we place a lot of emphasis on ensuring their everyday experiences are not only beneficial educationally, but fully enriching. This means that starting in the Pre-Preparatory school all the way through to Grade 7, the children learn through practical learning and play. Lessons such as these are followed through on with written work. Lessons are often further enriched when teachers include a Smartboard session. These sessions greatly benefit the learners as the interactive technology ensures they are fully involved in the lesson as they are often called up to have a turn to work on the Smartboard.

            Each and every class has a dedicated weekly technology lesson, where learners are exposed to working on computers and electronic tablets. Learners in Grade 1 – 3 are often encouraged to bring their iPads along to school when doing research on projects or presenting a speech that requires the inclusion of visual aids. Our Grade 4 – 7 learners make use of technology more fully, making use of the application ‘Mathletics,’ Google expedition and Google Classroom on a daily basis.

            Each class participates in a weekly or bi-weekly “Make ‘n Bake” lesson, where learners complete a craft activity or a baking project that is related to the theme they are learning about.

            To further enrich each child’s learning experience within the classroom, the children often go on educational excursions, where they can learn more about a factual theme on a first-hand basis. A few of the most popular excursions the children have enjoyed going on include:

            A visit to an animal farmyard
            A visit to SciBono
            A visit to the Transport Museum
            A visit to Magalies Mountain Sanctuary Park
            A visit to Gold Reef City where the children enjoyed the Heritage Tour and observing the “Gold Pour”

            All Pre-Preparatory and Grade 1 – 3 learners participate in weekly Playball lessons, which form part of curricular day.

            After school, children in Grade 1 – 7 can choose to participate in weekly cultural and sport co-curricular activities offered. The Pre-Preparatory children enjoy an “Integrated Day” wherein co-curricular activities are timetabled for them and these include Ballet and Music Box.