The Increase of Digital Devices

Over the last almost two years, we have thoroughly enjoyed using iPads in our classrooms – not as a substitute in any form, but rather as a redefinition of education as a whole.

The moment you learn why the iPad was in fact created and the purposes it was created for, you become more endeared toward using this tool more fully. Since partnering with Think Ahead (Think Ahead is an Apple Solutions Expert for Education), we have grown tremendously in our passion for and offering of technology, at our school.

Our iPads have not replaced the fundamental foundation blocks of learning to read and write, but rather it offers children a way to apply a more creative approach to tasks, solve problems, and think critically.

Our Grade R – 7 learners benefit from weekly Coding and Robotics sessions, that are conducted by an expert from Think Ahead Solutions.

Nic from Think Ahead Education Solutions assisting our learners during a coding session

Apple has created amazing curriculums, that we incorporate into our learning environment everyday. The Everyone Can Create and Everyone Can Code Curriculums are inspiring and allow for children to explore their creative and problem-solving skills all the way. We are extremely proud of our learners’ work they have created.

During the month of October, we were so pleased to stand out in the Excellence in Education Awards held by Think Ahead. The team received over 500 entries from 50 different schools.

Luthando Moyo obtained second place for her digital submission (designed on the Clips application) for the #SaveMyPlanet Category.

Chelsea Cooper obtained first place for her digital submission (designed on the Clips application) for the My Curriculum Challenge Category.

Charene Soares obtained first place in the iTeacher Category.

We are very excited about all we have achieved as a school in redefining education, through the use of technology in our classrooms.

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